dis|tance1 W2S2 [ˈdıstəns] n
1¦(amount of space)¦
2¦(far away)¦
3¦(unfriendly feeling)¦
4 keep your distance
5 go the (full) distance
1.) ¦(AMOUNT OF SPACE)¦ [U and C]
the amount of space between two places or things
distance from/between
the distance from Chicago to Detroit
Measure the distance between the two points.
short/long/considerable/great distance
The cottage is some distance (=quite a long distance) from the road.
at a distance of 2 feet/10 metres etc
A shark can smell blood at a distance of half a kilometer.
Some members travelled a considerable distance to attend the meeting.
She felt she had to put some distance between herself and the house (=go quite a long way away from it) .
within walking/striking/commuting etc distance (of sth)
(=near enough for you to reach in a reasonable time)
If you are within striking distance of Speyside, visit the lakes.
stopping/braking distance
(=the distance you travel in a car after pressing the brakes before the car stops)
2.) ¦(FAR AWAY)¦ [singular]
used to talk about a situation when something is far away from you in space or time
in the distance
Church bells rang in the distance (=they were far away) .
at/from a distance
We watched from a safe distance (=we were far away) .
3.) ¦(UNFRIENDLY FEELING)¦ [singular]
a situation in which two people do not have a close friendly relationship
distance between
There was still a distance between me and my father.
4.) keep your distance
a) to stay far enough away from someone or something to be safe
A lighthouse on the cliff warns ships to keep their distance.
b) also keep sb at a distance
to avoid becoming too friendly with someone
The neighbours tend to keep their distance.
5.) go the (full) distance informal
to finish something you have started
Do you think Greg will go the distance this time?
distance 2
distance2 v
distance yourself (from sth)
to say that you are not involved with someone or something, especially to avoid being connected with them
The UNO has firmly distanced itself from the anti-government movement.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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